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By applying 30 years of experience in the field of professional uniform garments to an unmet need in the hospitality sector, the idea for Green Chef was born, to help professionals of the industry look the part. No longer would business professionals have to import from or outsource to foreign countries, when they could get trendy and durable uniform garments manufactured domestically.


With direct sale from our factory, buyers would only pay a reasonable price. With manufacturing done domestically, there would be better quality controls in place to help ensure that each and every piece of manufactured attire was done right. With a point of contact located at home, rather than abroad, clientele would be better equipped to craft an identity unique to them.


What began in 2011, strictly as a manufacturing firm that supplied quality chef jackets to food and beverage business owners, hotel establishments, independent chefs, and culinary students enrolled in HRM (Hotel & Restaurant Management), has since widened to other avenues, while still carrying with it, a professional spirit, always placing comfort as a priority.

Green Chef Official Logo

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